Health Insurance

Information for admitted students only


Upon registration at the university, all students must demonstrate their proof of health insurance as prescribed by German law. As a student, you are eligible for statutory insurance at the lowest current monthly rate of about EUR 77 (for Non-EU citizens, older than 23 and with no child). This regulation does not apply to students who have spent more than 14 semesters studying at a German university or who are aged over 30. These students should contact Ms. Habel from International Office ( for information on private health insurance.

EU Citizens
As an EU citizen a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from your insurance company in your home country is required. Take this card to a state health insurance company in Germany and have them issue an insurance certificate (Versicherungsbescheinigung), that is required for enrolling at the university. You will receive necessary medical treatment at the doctor's, dentist or in a hospital. For prescriptions you will have to pay a fee between EUR 5 and EUR 10.

Non-EU Citizens
Non-EU students under 30 have to purchase a student health insurance at a state health insurance company. This insurance costs about EUR 80 per month and covers most medical and dental costs. An advantage of this insurance is that the cost of treatment is carried out directly between the doctor and the insurance company. For prescriptions you will have to pay a fee between EUR 5 and EUR 10.

Students over 30
If you are aged 30 or over you cannot be covered by statutory health insurance, we strongly advise you to take out a private insurance as costs for medical care are very expensive in Germany. For more information please contact Ms. Habel from International Office (

Important note
If you arrive before October 1, e.g. because you participate in the Intensive German Course in September, we urgently ask you to purchase a private travel health insurance before travelling to Stuttgart. This insurance should be valid from the beginning of your journey until the beginning of October.