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Intake for 2024

Application online-portal (see below) for intake 2024 (Winter Semester 2024/2025) is open in November 2023 and will be closed on March 15, 2024!

The application procedure with all accompanying documents is performed electronically via the Campus Management Portal Universität Stuttgart (C@MPUS). All application documents have to be provided exclusively in digital form and uploaded during the application process. Please check your C@MPUS-account from time to time in order to check the status of your documents/application. It will not be possible to upload any documents after the application deadline, i.e. March 15. Paper documents sent by postage will not be considered and not be returned to the sender. Please don't send any hard copies to us.

If your application will be accepted by the admission board and the university administration, you can download your admission letter from your C@MPUS-account as soon as you have accepted the study place offer in your account. Geoengine office will then provide you with a second (Geoengine-specific) official letter including program details and a time table for the first steps. Both letters are the most important documents to start your visa application (if applicable). Admission board decisions will be made after deadline of application, i.e. not before 2nd half of March. In case of a positive decision, your admission will be visible in your Campus account middle of April.

a) Admission with condition(s)

  • Notice, as long you have not uploaded authenticated / certified documents your admission (if accepted by admission board) will be conditional, based on the condition that all necessary documents are presented in certified form at the time specified in your C@MPUS-account.
  • You already may apply for the GEOENGINE program, even without having your Bachelor degree completed. In this case, provide/upload a letter (issued by your university) until which date you will receive your degree certificate. In this situation you may get admission (if accepted by admission board), but again with conditions: degree certificate, final transcript of records (and any other requested documents) have to be provided according to admission regulations at the time of enrollment at University of Stuttgart latest.

b) Admission without condition(s)

  • In order to get admission without any conditions, you have to upload authenticated / certified documents before the application deadline.

Before starting the online application, please prepare the following documents (in PDF format). You will be asked to upload these documents during the application process. All documents must be certified/authenticated either by the institution which issued the document, by a notary's office, a German consulate/embassy or any other official translator.


Document Type* Explanation Deadline
Higher education entrance qualification M Document proving highest level of education completed qualifying you for university entry see C@MPUS
Final Bachelor Degree certificate M If your final degree certificate is not available at the time of application, provide a provisional or temporary certificate or a letter from your university stating when you will finish/receive your final degree certificate see C@MPUS
Transcript of Records (incl. average grade) M If not available at time of application, provide the most recent one March 15
Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) M Letter from your university stating and confirming your CGPA. If your final CGPA is not available at the time of application, provide the most recent one. If this information should be recognizable in one of the other documents, mark it and upload the document a second time. March 15
Grading system in your home university M An explanation of the grading and awarding system of your university, stating the minimum pass marks / maximum achievable marks of your subjects and how the CGPA is calculated from the individual marks. If this information should be recognizable in one of the other documents, mark it and upload the document a second time. (sample) March 15
Curriculum Vitae CV M Use to prepare your CV according to European standards March 15
Proof of English language skills, see also Requirements M If your complete education has been conducted in English, an official certificate of your university is required confirming that the language of instruction is English. If this information should be recognizable in one of the other documents, mark it and upload the document a second time. March 15
Nationwide university entrance exam M (Concours) For Iranian students, only. (sample) see C@MPUS
APS certificate M For students from China, Mongolia or Vietnam, only see C@MPUS
Additional Degree Certificates, Transcripts of Records, CGPAs and Grading Information O Only necessary if you are studying or already have completed a second Bachelor / Master / other University study program. Upload certificates in the order of their importance for your application March 15
*M: Mandatory, O: Optional


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In case of technical problems/questions, please contact the C@MPUS support team ().

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