Next steps after admission / Further information

Information for admitted students only


Your admission letter will be available for download from your C@mpus account as soon as you accept the study place offer. Although you have time to accept the study place offer until end of August, we recommend you to accept it already now even if you change your mind because you need the admission letter to apply for visa and student dormitory. The admission letter will be complemented by an information letter which provides more information and might be of help or even necessary to apply for a visa. It will be sent to you by E-Mail by the GEOENGINE office after you have accepted the study place offer. Upon receiving both letters you should immediately start processing your visa application. The visa process sometimes takes more than 3 months. Please refer on your application to GEOENGINE. Please also note that you must not enter Germany with any visa but a student visa. Tourist visa or other types of visa will not be converted to a student visa after having entered Germany.

Please make sure you arrive in time for the language class, which is already compulsory part of the GEOENGINE program. The language classes will start in the first week of September. In exceptional cases (i.e. visa delays) the day of arrival can be postponed until September 30 and the language course might be attended in spring next year.

Enrollment / Duration / Schedule: Enrollment will take place after arrival but not later than November 15. The standard period of study is 4 semesters. Schedule of the international M.Sc. program GEOENGINE for year 2017:

    • Students arrival: September 1
    • Introduction to the intensive German course and placement test: September 4
    • Official welcome to the intensive German course by International Office: September 5
    • Important advice about living & studying in Stuttgart: September 6
    • Start of German language classes (Mon-Fri: 8 am-1.15 pm or 1.30 pm-6.45 pm): September 7
    • Final exam and end of German language classes: October 13
    • Start of regular M.Sc. classes: October 16